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Best weekend ever

So I think I had the best weekend ever ... I mean that.
I have to thank MJD for his visit (which I heard termed by one friend as an 800 mile booty-call ... this was funny to me because ...well… see the following) I knew he was crazy brave, but to come to Atlanta and meet my family brought a whole new meaning to the word. I mean 7 dogs, 2 young daughters, 1 crazy teen sister and top that with a set of slightly "off" parents and you have the family. He did not even bat an eye ... I picked him up at the airport in a hat my mom found (just to try and get a laugh because it was a $2 Indy hat just like the one MJD is famous for) then I found myself getting nervous about him meeting the family so I gave him the entire run down of all the family habits :) things like "my dad is going to try and get you to talk about the military and God." or "Don't look my mom in the eyes" ... just kidding about that one, but I did feel the need to warn him about everyone.
The rest of the weekend was kind of a blurry mess of fun, silly happy chaos and poor MJD getting the "you are a great Dad look from everyone" (I told you he was brave) I don't think we did anything that was not fun, made you happy and relaxed. I even got a “date” out of the visit, but the best part was Saturday morning when my daughters woke him up so they could watch one of their favorite movies on the 78-inch TV. They settled on the bed with poor MJD like they had done it every Saturday all their lives.
I was so happy to have him nearby, but his visit felt so short, he was kind of like a lost member of the family we didn't know we had lost. The dogs loved him, the daughters loved him, the sister is 18 but did win me a "gold Star" (don't worry MJD I will collect this later). My mom and dad wanted to know if they could trade me with his mom and dad or if they could just adopt him.
It was sad to drop him off at the Airport, and my youngest was upset and fussed for the entire ride home. (about 35 minutes in the city going 80)
I found an Ohio jacket this morning that wanted to take a longer trip so my sister and I will help it out before we send it home to its dad :) (Don’t worry MJD you will see what I mean when it gets home)
It was fun but we did not get to follow all of our rules (I think these are going to stay hush, hush ... for now because everyone needs a little mystery in their life)
I have more to say but for now I must go to bed.
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