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Movie love

Had a bit of cabin fever last night ... even being way super duper tired did not help me. So, I put in the old A&E movie version of P&P and let the trouble of Lizze and Mr. Darcy wile away my sadness. I love that movie and every time I watch it I fall in love with it again.
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MAD but trying not to be!

My spouse bought me a cell phone without really talking to me about it, he also changed his plan to another service and got himself a new phone as well (same as mine) and I am pissed off! I mean what is that, we had one talk about it in vague terms and it sounded like it would be in a couple months ... then he comes home and springs it on me.
I do not like cell phones to start with, then he gets this plan that costs more and STILL does NOT work at our house, with a crap phone tossed in. And I really don't give a shit that it is "red," and fun like me. I don't know if I should cry or scream FUCK, FUCK, FUCK at the top of my lungs (just to make myself feel better).
I know he means well, I guess! To me, he only rushed to do this because he wanted to have a phone during his next out-of-town trip (the other one didn't work in the middle of f-ing no man's land the Army is sending him to, HELLO it was not going to it was a Cricket phone because you use soooooo many minutes for work).
I am trying not to be mad about this because he is leaving this week (again) for another month. If he leaves and I am mad I will just let it stew and still be mad when he gets back, but it is hard not to be mad. *hell, starting to cry* I think I am going to try and tell myself it is just PMS almost 2 weeks early. Besides it is done now.
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size, dress and shoes

Well, I bought a dress on Friday for my first military ball NOT in a uniform.
This should be interesting :) I did not know my size and felt very unsure of myself while doing this shopping.
*Sigh* I lost so much weight and now hate trying on clothes, but don't want to be any bigger ... strange! I like being around 120 pounds, I don't feel tired nor do I feel manly like I did when I was still in the military (at least not too often).
Anyway after several false starts my spouse and 2 young children went with me and not only did we find my size, but I found a lovely "grown up" dress.
I also found it on sale, which was good because I would not pay full price for it at all :) It was a Calvin Klein formal (my first any kind of name brand off-the-rack) in Gun-metal gray sized 4 with small fishtail bottom. It makes me feel very nice, and it is not like anything I have ever worn to a big event.
Now I face the next big issue ... shoes :) Can't match the gray, and black seems so wrong somehow ... oh well, I wear it Thursday and will let you know how my trip into frivolity went ... it feels nice to relax now & again :)
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Sun down

The sun lay heavy over the mountains yesterday and covered them the way a grandmother covers her youngest on a cold evening.
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money money money

3 of my photos of El Paso just got bought by a travel mag.! Thank the gods because I can use the money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would post them, but I no longer own them, hehehe! Just kidding I can't post them b/c I now have the cheap account for a bit.
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Hi, My name is Erien and I am a toolaholic. (who knows how to spell that one *wink*)
*sigh* I love tools, power tools, handheld tools, lights for using your tools and I go to the discount tool store almost as much as I go to the book store!
In other news, I have a photo shoot Saturday ... it is a birthday gift for a mom with grown kids and grand kids. Should be fun :)
That is all :)
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Photos now mine

Happy day some of my photos from when I was still in the Air Force just came back cleared and I now own the copyrights to them!!!!!!!
Only 10 from Iraq, but that is okay. At least now I can show people some of what I saw. :)
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